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The safety our of people and work environment is our daily commitment

Eurotermo is constantly engaged in monitoring and improving any aspect that concerns the safety of our production facility and our people. Our daily commitment is aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of safety, in compliance with all current regulations. A constant devotion towards:

  • preventing any risk of injury
  • involving workers in safety training programs and updates
  • monitoring work environment safety hygiene
  • using raw materials and substances not dangerous for health
  • investing in safety improvement operations

Eurotermo is fully aware of the importance of the impact that our production processes have on the environment. We believe that respect and protection of the environment are a prerogative for the future growth and development of our company. We constantly monitor and manage all aspects of our waste:

  • Recovery of raw material processing waste
  • Recycling of machining fluids
  • Part cleaning processes with non-polluting liquids
  • Total recycling of paper, plastic and packaging throughout the plant
  • Continuous improvements actions towards implementation of waste reduction methods
Environmetal Policy

EUROTERMO has set itself the goal of ensuring that the business activity is characterized by fairness, responsibility, transparency and compliance with the law. To this end EUROTERMO provides its employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders with a channel to report any acts or omissions adopted by any person within EUROTERMO, in its relations with EUROTERMO or on its behalf that constitute or may constitute a malpractice, a violation of EUROTERMO's Code of Ethics or any other irregularity. You can file a concern that will be treated in a confidential manner by clicking on the button below according to Leg. Dec. n°24/2023.